JJ Haven was once again privileged to be visited by your outreach group of 17 students and 3 teachers, from 16-20 April 2018, much to the excitement of the children in the home.

On behalf of the JJH Committee, Molly and Neels Bam and the children, we wish to thank you very much for your visit and the project work that was done with much energy and enthusiasm – the painting of the dormitories, the construction of the robust playground bench / tables and shelters and the donation of televisions. The group also made time to interact with the children who do not normally get so much attention, which gave them a big boost. The students are a credit to their school and community.

As for your previous 2 visits, the trip must have involved an enormous commitment from teachers, students and parents in planning and raising funds for the visit to remote Alexandria in the Eastern Cape. Thanks again to the teachers, Clay, Gillian, Craig and students for giving up their time and energy and the parents for their backing and financial support. It is very much appreciated.