Molly said “make yourself at home” on the first day I was shown around the dark but warm rabbit warren of a home. And that’s just what it felt like for me, and why it was so painful to say goodbye and fly back to England today. I’ve been volunteering at the home for 2 months, helping where I felt led each day. Trying my best to serve and bless (when I wasn’t battling various illnesses!) My sheltered English immunity didn’t know what had hit it!

My accommodation fell through, so in true Molly style, she welcomed me with open arms to live at the ‘Love Nest’ where the new foster homes are. But the only space was in the social workers office! A camping bed is surprisingly comfortable!

The children are gorgeous, so many smiles! And I’ve never seen such brilliant dancers and singers, even from the 3 year olds (coming from a professional dancer!). Their daily Prayer and Worship time was a joy to hear, and attempt to join in with!

I’ll NEVER forget my time there, and the bittersweet extremes of pain and joy. The hardest times, and the most fun had playing clapping games and making games out of nothing. Those kids know how to play like none other! Maybe it’s partly due to having so many brothers and sisters and an array of pets to choose from.

I’m now on the plane home trying to come to terms with leaving, and trying to process the last two months. But one thing I know, is that I’ll always hold JJ Haven and all I met there dear to my heart and in my prayers. Sending so much love to all. I miss you already JJ H family! Keep praying and walking close to our Father God, as He is ALWAYS close to you 🙂 xxxxx