Donate Goods

‘The heart of the giver makes the gift dear and precious’ – Martin Luther

We know that donating money is not always possible, and are very grateful for the donations of clothes, food and materials that JJ Haven has received in the past. Your donation of a few bags of rice, a warm blanket, a teddy bear or some clothing can make a huge difference in the lives of these children.  Storage space is limited at JJ Haven, and sometimes the home may be over-supplied with certain things whilst still desperately needing other things.  These are the items that the home always needs:

Basic needs

  • Nappies
  • Cleaning products
  • Washing powder
  • Toiletries
  • Sanitary products
  • Toilet paper
  • Non perishable food items
  • Fresh produce
  • Treats

Improve facilities

  • Building materials
  • Garden equipment
  • Plants (water wise)
  • Container for storage

To donate goods, please email