Our Operations

“Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future” ~ Nelson Mandela

What JJ Haven Does

  • We provide a safe and loving home for vulnerable children, regardless of their HIV/AIDS status and mental or physical challenges
  • We feed and clothe the children in our care
  • We ensure that the children get medical treatment and that there is ongoing care for those with HIV/AIDS related ilnesses
  • We ensure education for children in our care
  • We assist the local Department of Social Development by providing temporary shelter for the children they bring to the organisation
  • We improve the children’s quality life through emotional, nutritional and material support
  • We provide training and life-style improvements to benefit those directly affected by HIV/AIDS
  • We implement prevention and education programmes to reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS

Fundraising structure

Molly and Neels have always used their own income to support the children, assisted by donations from generous individuals and sponsors. However, increased numbers and rising costs mean that further fundraising has become essential. In 2010 an NGO with an independent management committee, drawn from different sectors of the community was formed to co-ordinates this. The committee has competency in general and financial management and the care of children.

Donations to JJ Haven

As the managing committee consists entirely of unpaid volunteers, all money donated to the Haven is used to meet the children’s needs, including: nappies, toiletries, food, clothing, educational resources, accommodation and medical needs. All donations are greatly appreciated. These can be used to cover general costs, or you can specify a particular project when you donate.

Planning for the future

The committee ensures that the home is not dependent on any single individual or organization in order to keep operating and co-ordinates administration and fund-raising. In addition, the Bams have donated a portion of their small holding to the JJ Haven charity. This land has been used to build two foster homes for the children in order to cope with the number of children living in the main home.  Each house accommodates up to seven children and a foster mother.  We trust that each house will become a loving home, and that these children will experience the stability of family unit.  It is hoped that these homes willl be the first of many.

Foster home opening, March 2014




Financial contributions to help us continue
our good work


Offer security by covering the living and/or school costs of a child.


Beds, teddies or tomato sauce. Little things can make a big difference


Read, play or talk.
Property maintenance and life skills