Dear friends of Jehovah Jireh Haven.

We send you warm greetings from a cold (for us) wintry South Africa. July already!! There is no word for the pace at which the year is screaming by.

Once again a huge, heartfelt thanks to Molly and Neels for all they do for the children. Their unselfish dedication is truly humbling.

The news closest to our hearts is having to say good bye to Pia. She has been a great friend to hundreds of little children and especially to Molly and Neels.

Her attention and care to the needs of JJH have truly been a blessing and we will all miss her terribly. We had a small, informal lunch to say our farewells as we wish her a happy, positive, new start to her life

Before Pia left she helped Pumla Myali settle in. Pumla is an Auxiliary Social Worker and we have taken her on board to continue doing what Pia started. We know the enormity of this task and we are backing her all the way.

We are, again, thankful for the interest and help given by all of you. Some of the highlights this past six months have been the following:

The outreach team from St Stephen’s school in Australia visited again for an extended weekend. They generously donated the money to buy a used container which has been turned into a laundry. They used their talents to decorate the exterior walls of the new laundry and to lay paving at the front of it. The art work is fabulous!

They also used their physical abilities to extend the outdoor play area with all sorts of tunnels and tubes to climb over, under and through. The children have a great time using this new obstacle course.

A bridal couple generously asked their guests to make donations to JJH in lieu of wedding gifts. We were able to buy two industrial size washing machines for the new laundry. What a difference this has made from all the washing being done by hand in bath tubs! One of the guests chose to send a hamper of children’s books. Wonderful!

As well as all the very generous financial donations we have also received clothes, shoes, toiletries and educational supplies which have all been put to excellent use. We continue to be thrilled with Nyrocco’s performance in the pre-school.

There are always maintenance issues but pleased to report that some good work was done on the foster houses. They are looking pretty smart.

Our interaction with government departments continues to be frustrating. We have had several meetings with representatives from the Department of Social Development regarding birth certificates for those without and for the registration of the houses. We won’t give up until these issues have been sorted. Unfortunately still no financial support forthcoming!

We were delighted to have a visit from Brad with two of his US friends. We met together with them and Rufus for a rather special tea at Mike and Marijke’s house. We would love to see more of you if you can get to this part of the world.

Vanessa and Tessa, two young professionals, have shown a great interest in helping JJH. They have begun by designing a new logo and are working on a more user friendly web site. Watch this space!

And so to all of you in the northern hemisphere, enjoy the rest of the summer and be well prepared for the winter hibernation. Those in the southern hemisphere may the winter be short and spring arrive any time now.

Love, peace and deep gratitude to you all.