It was a beautiful sunny morning in mid July. But not just any winter’s morning – but the 99th Birthday of the late Nelson Mandela.

Up our driveway came two cars – with a load full of birthday treats for us. What a lovely sight to see – kids big and small rushed to help carry – not realizing what they were in for!

100 of the most beautiful cupcakes were unpacked with big, grateful eyes and large toothy (some toothless) little grins. Cooldrinks were poured for the smaller kids by attentive and nurturing older kids. Hotdogs dripping with tomato sauce were gobbled up instantly – but never without a “thank you ma’am” first.

Of course the kids sang Happy Birthday to Madiba – and we cheered hip hip hooray – but couldn’t fit in 99 nogga-pieps afterwards J. It was such a perfect morning and I know we did him proud.

We forget sometimes how simple and easy it is to make the world a better place.

Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts to the following people who made this day happen for us:

  • Karolina van Rensburg
  • Vanessa Gibson
  • Warren Gibson
  • Margaret Wesley
  • John Wesley
  • Felicity Norman
  • Debbie Park-Doubell
  • Ian Doubell
  • Janet Dell
  • Jack Dell
  • Helen Summers
  • Roy Summers
  • Theresa Smit
  • Gerald Smit
  • Cherissa King
  • Tessa MacTaggart
  • Doctor Antonio Lamberti
  • inKenton Advertising
  • SAAFA Ladies