Saturday, 29th March was a joyful ocassion at JJ Haven, when two new foster homes were officially opened. For years, Molly has dreamed about having safe, modern facilities for all of the children under her care. Opening the homes is an important step in realising Molly’s dream.

Each home will house up to 7 vulnerable children, who will be cared for by a foster mother, in a loving family environment.

The generosity and hard work of many donors and volunteers has enabled us to decorate the homes beautifully. We hope that, in time, we will be able to build several more homes, to accommodate every permanent resident at JJ Haven.

Our kind donors installed a new jungle gym which the children love, ‘Busy B’ cut the grass and removed many loads of weeds and brush from the grounds, making them look beautiful for the opening. ‘Trees for Africa’, Primedia and other donors provided trees and compost. The trees have now been planted around the home and will make the grounds look beautiful for years to come.

Photos – Cherry Smith